(Communicated by the IDF Spokemsan)

During an IDF operation last night in Nablus, in coordination with the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories, forces confiscated documents and digital media from five different Da’wa offices affiliated with the Hamas terror organization.

The Da’wa infrastructure is used to finance and transfer funds under the guise of charities intended for use in terrorism. This serves as an efficient and convenient apparatus for the financial infrastructure of terror organizations.

The Da’wa organizations were declared illegal due to the financial support they provide for families of suicide bombers and imprisoned terrorists. This financial support provides incentive for terrorists to carry out attacks and increases public support for terror organizations. 

The level of influence which these institutes hold over various groups within the Palestinian public varies. They organize activities ranging from kindergartens in which children are incited against Jews (Israelis in particular) and Americans, to providing funds and guidance to students in higher levels of education, and supporting families of suicide bombers (‘martyrs’) and other Palestinian terrorists who have died or are imprisoned in Israel. It is important to note that these institutes, which receive millions of dollars in funds per year, actively encourage terrorism.