Israel drops leaflets over Lebanese village

 IDF drops leaflets to warn Lebanese civilians



(Communicated by the IDF Spokesman)

As part of the IDF’s operation against Hizbullah to stop the rocket barrages against Israel, the IDF dropped leaflets addressing the Lebanese civilian population in southern Lebanon. The leaflets are intended to warn the Lebanese public to stay clear of areas from which rockets are launched against Israel, as these will be targeted by the IDF and civilians present in those areas are endangering their lives.

The leaflets also stress that any pickup truck or truck traveling south of the Litani River will be considered suspect of transporting weapons and rockets, and is a potential target for the IDF, as this is the region most heavily used for the launching of rockets into Israel.

The IDF is operating with great caution in order to prevent any harm to uninvolved civilians. However, southern Lebanon is a combat zone in which Hizbullah terrorists operate against Israeli civilians from within the civilian Lebanese population, using them as human shields.

The IDF’s operation will continue until security is restored to the citizens of Israel.

Text of leaflet:

 IDF drops leaflets to warn Lebanese civilians

To the people of Lebanon

Pay attention to these instructions!!

The IDF will intensify its activities and will heavily bomb the entire area from which rockets are being launched against the State of Israel.
Anyone present in these areas is endangering his life!

In addition, any pickup truck or truck traveling south of the Litani River will be suspected of transporting rockets and weapons and may be bombed.
You must know that anyone traveling in a pickup truck or truck is endangering his life.

The State of Israel