Senior Army of Islam Operative, Islam Yasin, heavily involved in planning and directing terror attacks against Israelis, was killed during an IDF-ISA operation.

 IDF-ISA operation targets senior terrorist in Gaza Strip


IDF archive photo

In a joint IDF-ISA operation in the northern Gaza Strip, forces targeted a senior operative from the Army of Islam terror organization on Wednesday (November 17). During the operation, the operative, Jabalia (Gaza Strip) resident Islam Yasin (born 1975), was killed.

Islam Yasin was a senior operative in the Army of Islam terror organization and an assistant close to the head of the terrorist group, Mamtaz Dur’mush. Most recently, Yasin had been personally involved in planning and directing a terror attack in which Israelis would be kidnapped from the Sinai Peninsula.

Yasin worked closely with Muhammad Jamal Fares Namnam, killed in a targeted IDF-ISA operation on November 3, who was also involved in the attack noted above. It is important to note that despite the targeted attack on Namnam, the terorist cell has continued operating with the intention of executing the attack.