IDF officer killed In Hizbullah attack


Capt. Sharon Elmakayes

(Communicated by the IDF Spokesman)

An IDF officer, Captain Sharon Elmakayes, 23, of Atlit, was killed when an explosive device planted by the Hizbullah terror organization on a road leading to an IDF post on Har Dov, on the Israel-Lebanon border, was activated by terrroists.

IDF forces returned artillery and gun fire at Hizbullah targets in the area. In addition, the IAF targeted Hizbullah posts used to attack Israeli targets.

According to reports by UNIFIL, a UN officer who was present during the incident was killed, and a UN soldier was lightly wounded. The IDF is checking the report.

In the past four years the Hizbullah has repeatedly initiated attacks carried out from Lebanese territory, backed by Syria, against Israeli civilians and IDF soldiers. The IDF will continue to act with determination against any attempt to target Israelis and to destabilize the region.