The Special Committee for Sharing the Burden will hold a debate next week at the request of MK David Rotem (Likud Beitenu) on the topic of enlisting minorities into the IDF as part of the Sharing the Burden Bill. This debate will be the last one before the committee votes on the law before it goes to the Knesset for its second and third reading.

According to the Director of the ministry ”A year ago we started the groundwork for the possibility that we will have to significantly increase the number of ultra-Orthodox soldiers who join our services…The large amount of ultra-Orthodox Jews in the civil service serve or will serve in different areas under the auspices of the Ministry of Interior Defense like the police. We see this process as a great opportunity for everyone, for both the ultra-Orthodox Jews and the entities in question. It should be noted that the ultra-Orthodox who have volunteered in the different services can one day serve in those bodies as employees. From our perspective in the future, we are looking to allow the ultra-Orthodox to integrate into every core job in the different organizations, something that will only be possible after the approval of the law. A large undertaking such as this one will obviously take a lot of money and so we are now discussing the matter with representatives of the Finance Ministry.

The IDF`s representative in the debate, Brigadier General Gadi Agmon from human resources said that the IDF has informed the relevant bodies that it intends to cut the number of soldiers who serve outside of the ranks of the IDF like the police by 40%.