(Communicated by Israeli security sources)

In a security forces operation toady, June 5, 2006, in the northern Gaza Strip, the IDF carried out an aerial attack on a vehicle carrying Majdi Taisir Uda Hamad and Imad Asaliya, both of them operatives of the Popular Resistance Committees organization.

Hamad, who also served as an officer in the Preventative Security Apparatus of the Palestinian Authority, was operating under the command of Mamtaz Dougmoush, head of the Popular Resistance Committees in the Gaza Strip. Hamad was involved in two bombing attempts at the Karni crossing:

– December 14, 2005 (in collaboration with the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades): The attempt was thwarted by IDF forces that fired on a vehicle loaded with explosives as it approached the crossing.

– April 26, 2006: The attempt was thwarted by Palestinian security forces.

In addition Hamad was involved in the launching of projectile rockets at Israel, the firing of anti-tank missiles at IDF forces and the planting of explosive devices along the Gaza Strip security fence. Hamad was recently involved in additional attempts to carry out attacks against Israel, under the leadership of Mamtaz Dougmoush.