(Communicated by the IDF Spokesperson)
On Tuesday (March 31, 2009), four armed terrorists attempted to plant an explosive near the central portion of the security fence. Golani Brigade forces crossed the fence in order to reach the terrorists and received assistance from the IAF; forces confirmed hitting the terrorists.

Two terrorists were killed during the strike and they were found with various weapons. During the exchange of fire with terrorists, one IDF soldier was lightly wounded and was sent to Soroka medical center in BeerSheva after having received initial treatment in the field.

On Saturday morning (April 4, 2009), several gunmen were identified planting an IED (improvised explosive device) near the security fence in the northern Gaza Strip. An IDF force arrived at the scene, fired at the gunmen and identified hitting two.

One of the gunmen, Jamill Koffa, born in 1987, is an operative in Jaljalath (an organization that identifies with worldwide Jihad), is known to be involved in the planning and execution of terror attacks, including an IED planted in March 2008 that killed Israeli soldiers and an IED planting earlier in 2009 that killed another soldier.