Another project for the community has begun! Clothes and toys will be collected and given to organizations that help people in danger, including battered women`s shelters, clubs for at risk youth and more. The project will continue until the month of Nissan begins (April 1) and then, two weeks before Passover, the collected items will be given to the organizations. The project was the idea of the Education Committee spokeswoman, Liron Weiss and is led by Limor Peretz and Galit Martzbach-Vinner from the State Welfare Division of the Senior Human Resources and Organizational Development Branch, under the auspices of Ms. Mira Firestein.

The Knesset, which recently launched the ”Green Knesset” program, continues to inculcate ideas of sustainability in its workers. Sustainability is a multidimensional mindset including environmental, societal and economic values. Within the framework of sustainability, The Knesset is improving its management of its surroundings while also working out of concern for society. From the time that he started his job, Director General of the Knesset Ronen Plot has promoted a socio-environmental spirit, which has manifested itself both in the form of volunteerism and in the ”Green Knesset” program, an initiative from Speaker of the Knesset, Yuli-Yoel Edelstein.

Recently there was a ”Day of Good Deeds” when the Operations Division, under the auspices of Dan Amar, led a special event among the Knesset employees in which they sent special Purim gift baskets to hospitalized children. The ”gift baskets” were sent in cloth bags which can be reused so as to reduce the use of disposable bags thereby reducing pollution. The gifts were divided among the Knesset employees and on Thursday, right before Purim, the employees returned the bags full of wonderful things (candies, games, etc.). The employees then gave out the bags at Hadassah Hospital and Shaare Zedek Medical Center, delighting the children for Purim.

With the launch of these projects, Plot said ” Now, after we`ve launched the Green Knesset project and espoused the values of sustainability, it is very important for us to integrate our environmental and social work. The Knesset has been blessed with caring employees who work vigorously for the environment, society and the economy.”

In order to receive clothes and toys from the drive, registered organizations are aksed to contact Limor Peretz ( or Galit Vinner ( before April 1.