• In 2012, an increase was recorded in the incidence of whooping cough, from 26.3 per 100,000 (the average level during the years 2007-2011) to 34.8 per 100,000.
  • The most significant increase was observed in infants aged up to one year: from 96 per 100,000 (the average level during the years 2007-2011) to 203 per 100,000 in 2012.

The Ministry of Health again recommends pregnant women to attend the vaccinations clinic at the health bureau closest to their place of residence in order to receive a whooping cough vaccination in the Tdap vaccine.

An appointment can be made via the “Health Voice” call center *5400.
Vaccination of pregnant women provides protection to the newborn until the series of vaccines is completed at the Tipat Halav clinic. This protects the mother against the disease, and protects the baby means of transfer across the placenta of whooping cough antibodies from the mother to the baby.

The vaccine is recommended for women starting from Week 20 of pregnancy.

Year​ No. of patients reported aged up to one year​ Total no. of patients reported​
​Average 2007-2011 ​151 1945​
​2012 ​344 ​2749