”As a citizen of this country I am ashamed that after 30 years there remain former South Lebanon Army fighters who suffer from neglect and poverty and that to this day no land has been designated for cemeteries for members of the SLA community and they are forced to send their dead beyond the border, to Lebanon,” said MK David Amsalem (Likud), the chairman of the Internal Affairs and Environment Committee during Monday`s debate on the allocation of land for cemeteries that will serve the SLA community in Israel.

During the debate it was revealed that Christian cemeteries refuse to bury members of the SLA community on their grounds, despite the fact that they are Christian. The committee suggested allocating two dunams (half an acre) for this purpose.

The representatives of the SLA community requested that a church in the Banias Nature Reserve be prepared for their use, but said that the Israel Nature and Parks Authority is against it. MK Amsalem asked for a meeting with the relevant officials to discuss the matter.

The committee is scheduled to convene in two months to assess the progress on the aforementioned issues.