In an interview broadcast on Iranian TV channel Al-Alam (August 31, 2014), Ali Akbar Velayati, Foreign Affairs Adviser to the Supreme Leader of Iran, confirms that most of Hamas’ weapons entered Gaza with Iran’s assistance, and that Iran also helped Hamas to manufacture some of the weapons used by Hamas’ terrorists.

 Iran provided most of Hamas' weapons



"Everyone knows well, friends and foes alike – there is no doubt that most of the weapons used by the Palestinians came from Iran, or that Iran help the Palestinians manufacture the weapons by themselves.

The heads of the resistance and jihad organizations, whether Hamas or the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, admitted this. Emad al-Alami, for example, admitted this and said that "we received the rockets and the Fajrs from Iran." Or Ziad Al-Nehala, deputy to Dr. Ramadan Abdaullah Shalah [Secretary General of the Islamic Jihad] who also declared that they received the weapons from Iran. No Islamic state did this, except for Iran. 

Without the help of Iran, they could not have obtained these rockets, with such long range and accuracy."