Hizbullah is also the long arm of Iran and its objectives do not involve only Israel or Lebanon.

Statement by FM Tzipi Livni to the Knesset – 8 Aug 2006

Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev were kidnapped as a distraction. The offensive came from Lebanon and was perpetrated by Hizbullah, a terrorist organization with its own army, which is also a member of Lebanon’s coalition government. Hizbullah is also the long arm of Iran and its objectives do not involve only Israel or Lebanon – Nasrallah wants to impose his evil ideology on the entire region and also to dictate to us not only what will be between Israel and Lebanon but also between Israel and the Palestinians. The kidnapping was timed for several days before the G8 summit meeting involving the countries that were supposed promote a resolution preventing Iran from advancing its nuclear programs. The kidnapping was perpetrated several days after it seemed, from the voices coming out of Syria, that something might be happening to free Gilad Shalit, the soldier who had been kidnapped earlier. Then Nasrallah came out of hiding, ran to Damascus and called: don’t surrender, we want to dictate how and where we will lead the dispute.

That night, Israel was obliged to respond and that night, the proper and justified decision was made not to show restraint any longer – because that night, it was necessary to send a clear and unequivocal message to Nasrallah and to Hizbullah, and from there to Syria and to Iran and to Hamas and to anyone who wishes the annihilation of the State of Israel, that there is no such thing as a balance of terror, because we are no longer afraid…

There are two sides in this war… Israel, along with the Lebanese government, and the international community on one side, and Hizbullah, Hamas, Syria and Iran on the other side. There is great clarity in the international community regarding the threat.

The international community understood that in such a case, the mobilization of a special force would be required which, under Chapter 7 of the United Nations Charter would be able to implement its authority and utilize force… If ultimately, after the military campaign, Hizbullah was found to be refueled and resupplied by Iran, whether with money or materiel, with missiles and weapons, in convoys that routinely passed undisturbed through Iran, Syria, across the Lebanese border and inward into Lebanon, we wanted to forge a resolution that would place an arms embargo on countries and organizations that send weapons to Hizbullah or to any militia that was not the Lebanese army, and also to reinforce the Lebanese forces on the Syrian – Lebanese border, to enable genuine supervision of the passage of forces and arms over these routes.

Hizbullah, Hamas, Iran, and Syria are also watching the international community, to see whether it merely speaks in terms of values or whether it also requires and demands implementation of its own resolutions.