The largest threat to world peace and peace in this region is currently a nuclear Iran.

FM Liberman at press conference with Australian FM Rudd (14 Dec 2010):

My approach is that the question is not the NPT but, rather, whether you have a responsible country, a responsible government or not. You know, for a country like Japan, for example, or Australia or Germany, for them, you know, nuclear weapons are only a question or issue of decision. For Japan, it will take maybe three weeks, maybe five weeks, but not more than five weeks. In five weeks they can produce nuclear weapons. But we’re not worried about Japan, because it’s really a responsible government and a responsible country.

We have, of course, Iran, which joined the NPT – they’re part of the NPT – yet we see cheating every day and many attempts to waste time. And of course they’re part of the NPT, but the reality is completely different. And you can take, for example, a country like India. It’s a completely different situation. In this case, my approach is, first of all, whether or not you have a responsible country, whether one day we will see dirty bombs or have leaks, not only the WikiLeaks, but leaks of the technology for weapons of mass destruction to organizations like Al-Qaeda and Jihad, etc.

Address by DM Barak to The Saban Forum 2010 – U.S.-Israeli Relations: Facing Hard Choices (10 Dec 2010):

As 2011 approaches, we find ourselves once again at a critical juncture of opportunity and challenges. The opportunity is the dialogue toward a political agreement with our neighbors. The challenges come from the radical camp: Hizbullah, Hamas, and global terror networks, with Iran looming strong in the background…

It is essential that Israel will have a comprehensive strategy in which we take the initiative and  advance Israel’s goals –
Last but not least: Prevent a nuclear Iran. Iran, led by the Mullahs, has become the world’s ultimate sponsor of terror – arming, training and financing it. And Iran is determined to reach nuclear weapons and to hegemonize the Islamic world and the oil interests of the Gulf. Diplomacy should remain the first tool of choice. Sanctions are a step in the right direction, but they cannot prove effective on their own. Thus, it remains necessary  not to remove any option from the table.

PM Netanyahu’s statement at the Knesset (1 Dec 2010):
What has become very clear in the last few weeks and days, and cannot be ignored, is that the origin of the problem of instability in the Middle East is first of all Iran. This is not trivial. It was arguable and we had to argue about it. I personally argued about it and spoke about it, discussed it with world leaders and whole publics, in this house too. What we are discovering now, is that today, there is a much broader agreement among world leaders and diplomatic bodies and among strategists, that the largest threat to world peace and peace in this region is currently a nuclear Iran. I think this should be recognized first of all.

Radical Islam, under the leadership of Iran is the biggest threat on our future and we need to concentrate international efforts without distractions and interferences to stop Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.