Any government of Israel, the coalition as well as the opposition, will be united in our effort to encourage the comprehensive efforts of many countries to stop Iran from becoming a nuclear country.

FM Livni at meet with Cypriot FM Kypriano (25 Feb 2009):

"Iran must be made aware that the weapon smuggling to Syria, Lebanon and Hamas constitutes a severe violation of international agreements, and must cease. The weapon smuggling organized by Iran is one of the central problems in the region. If the weapon smuggling to Gaza continues – Israel will have no other option than to initiate another defensive operation. That is why the international community must exhaust all the legal and operative means at its disposal to put an end to the arms smuggling. Iran is attempting to gain time, and only a firm stance adopted by the international community, including the implementation of severe sanctions against Iran, will transmit the required message."

Defense Minister Ehud Barak (16 Feb 2009):

"Without a doubt, nuclear weapons in Iran are a central threat to world order; it is a breach that would cause nuclear proliferation in the Middle East and could form, when it becomes a reality, an existential threat to the State of Israel. It is impossible to ignore the fact that the prospect of Iran obtaining nuclear weapons will enhance the sense of immunity amongst its allies, will lead to the collapse of nuclear non-proliferation efforts and will dramatically accelerate nuclear proliferation in the region.

PM Ehud Olmert in address  to the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations (15 Feb 2009):

There is one thing that any government of Israel and all of the political system, the coalition as well as the opposition will be united on – our effort to encourage the comprehensive efforts of many countries to stop Iran from becoming a nuclear country. If there is one threat which really is on top of all our priorities, it is the Iranian threat. This is not an Israeli problem only. You know so well that this is a problem for so many countries and I know how much it concerns the United States, and I know how much it concerned the United States in the past because I used to talk with the president, with the vice president and the secretary of state about it many, many times. I have no doubt that President Obama will stick to the position that he has spelled out on so many different occasions in the past, before he became president, and after he became president – that America will not tolerate a nuclear Iran. America is against Iran becoming a nuclear power and I’m sure that America will do everything that it can in order to make sure that it will not happen.

Israel will be part of this effort – not a leader – Israel is not a leader, America is the leader, Great Britain is the leader, France is the leader, Germany is the leader, Russia is the leader, China is the leader. All these forces ought to operate together and Israel will join with all these forces in order to make sure that Iran not become nuclear, because if Iran becomes nuclear there will be a major threat to the life of the State of Israel, a threat we can’t tolerate, and we will not tolerate this threat and we will not allow it to happen – that I can promise you.

Address by FM Tzipi Livni at the 9th Annual Herzliya Conference (2 Feb 2009):

The threats are present: the extremist Islamic elements, international forces of terror who are given expression in countries such as Iran, which openly talks of destroying another country – Israel, and which is trying to obtain nuclear weapons. We see the satellites of Iran – Hizbullah in Lebanon, and Hamas in Gaza, which has strengthened its ties with Iran…

Being used to feeling secluded in the Middle East, with the whole Arab world against us, we look around and suddenly notice other countries alongside Israel – Arab, Islamic countries, who no longer view Israel as the enemy, countries who understand that Iran is the main enemy, seeing Iran as no less a threat than we do. Radical Islam is a threat of which these nations understand the meaning better than others do, because they are familiar with the same radical elements at home. And these nations are on the same side as us…

We can start taking action together, with the US, Europe, and all the countries of the free world, against the existing threats. We can act together against Iran, against terror.