The Iranian regime is not interested in seeing an Egypt that protects the rights of individuals, women, and minorities.

PM Netanyahu following Israel-Poland intergovernmental consultation (24 Feb 2011):

Poland will assume the presidency of the European Union for six months during a very turbulent year. We believe you will play a key role in advancing peace, stability and security in the Middle East in four areas that are of interest to us. First: by continuing the international fight against Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons.

Iran has consistently supported Hamas since the Hamas regime was established in Gaza. Iran sends a flow of weapons there; it tries to send even more weapons there in order to harm Israel, and therefore this is not some new action.

Israel is fighting for its right to exist, to live in security and exist at all, against ceaseless waves of attacks; against the regime in Iran calling for our destruction. Just several decades after the Holocaust, after the destruction of six million Jews, they clearly say: "We intend to destroy six million more."

When a regime takes its army and security forces and maliciously fires on its people, indiscriminately, and slaughters hundreds, this is a horrible thing. I also think that this obligates the strong condemnation of all civilized countries, certainly civilized democracies, and we strongly condemn it. We know that we saw a similar sight on the streets of Tehran when the Iranian regime turned to its security forces and commando units and fired with malice and cruelty into the crowd and left Iranian citizens lying on the sidewalks, choking on their own blood.

President at Europa Press forum, Madrid (23 Feb 2011):

In response to a question about the Iranian ships the President said that this is a cheap provocation on the part of Iran, the transit of the ships by itself is not a threat on our region, the real threat stands as a clear warning sign to you and the entire world – Iran is developing nuclear weapons of mass destruction. When nuclear weapons fall into the hands of terror organizations, or Iranian proxies, European capitals will be under an existential threat. Spain has suffered terribly from terror attacks and this will be the lot of many other countries in the world if they do not take drastic measures against Iran. Iran desires to take over the entire Middle East and impose its radical religious hegemony on the inhabitants of the Middle East.

The President added that besides economic sanctions, the world should establish a moral campaign, a heavy moral boycott of Ahmadinejad in order to strengthen the level of embarrassment against Iran. Leaders that are photographed next to Ahmadinejad should be embarrassed and they should be prevented from being invited to walk the red carpets of the United Nations.

President Peres addressing the Spanish Congress (22 Feb 2011):

"The Middle East today is divided between moderate governments interested in peace and freedom and between fanatical governments and dictators who are in a never ending search for enriched uranium and terror. Fanatics have a destructive strength but they have no message of hope for themselves or their inhabitants. Terror is capable of striking anywhere. You experienced this in the horrible terror attack in the subway.

Iran supplies Hizbullah in Lebanon, and Hamas in Gaza with arms and terror. They work to establish terror cells, opened and hidden, in other countries as well. Iran is developing nuclear weapons and threatening the moderate countries. The Iranian nuclear program poses a threat to world peace. I am convinced that the world will not cave in to the hatred of this fanatical and radical leader like Ayatollah Khomeini, the supreme leader of fanaticism, incitement and terror attacks. I believe that the day will come when the leadership of Iran that is threatening its people will find out that they are being threatened by their very own people. And rightfully so."

PM Netanyahu (22 Feb 2011):

"As the foundations of democracy become stronger so too do the foundations of peace become stronger. We all want to see freedom and democracy flourish in the Arab world. We do not want to see tyrannies that trample human rights, block democratic reforms and endanger peace. Nothing would make us happier than to see democracy advance in our region. This would be good for peace, prosperity and security.
The supporters of democracy must be strengthened not only in the Arab world but – mainly – in Iran as well since Iran is trying to exploit the earthquake that has struck from Afghanistan to the Maghreb, is trying to destroy the advancement toward reforms and democratization, extinguish the lights and create a dark period like that in Tehran."

President Shimon Peres at meeting with U.S. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen (14 Feb 2011):

The President emphasized that Iran desires to dominate the Middle East and is fully engaged in arming, training and assisting terror organizations that threaten the world.
In relation to this the President said: "A plan to establish a security defense system against missiles that will provide a defensive umbrella for all countries in the Middle East against the destructive ambitions of Iran should be pursued."

FM Liberman at meeting with Spanish FM Jimenez (8 Feb 2011):

Iran’s "contribution" to undermining the stability in the Middle East is enormous. We see its support for terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Hizbullah, and its involvement in every point of conflict, such as Iraq and other places, in addition to its unceasing human rights violations within Iran itself, as we saw after the last elections. The world must not refrain from dealing with Iran, which is clearly and deliberately become in a threat to the peace of the entire world.

Recent events in the Middle East prove that Israel is an island of democracy and stability in the region. It is the only country that genuinely shares common values with Europe and the US, and it is an integral part of the West. That is also the reason that countries such as Iran want to eliminate Israel from the Middle East.

Address by PM Netanyahu to the European Friends of Israel Conference (7 Feb 2011):

The Egyptians may choose to embrace the model of a secular reformist state with a prominent role for the military. There is a second possibility that the Islamists exploit the influence to gradually take the country into a reverse direction – not towards modernity and reform but backward. And there’s still a third possibility – that Egypt would go the way of Iran, where calls for progress would be silenced by a dark and violent despotism that subjugates its own people and threatens everyone else. You just have to remember the brutal crackdown in Iran 18 months ago. In Tehran, there was no dialogue, no reform, no restraint, nothing. In the squares of Cairo, with all the turbulence and some tragedy, Egyptians read papers on the tanks of their soldiers. In the squares of Tehran, Iranians were gunned down systematically and left choking on the sidewalks on their blood.

We need a peace anchored in iron-clad security arrangements both to bolster the peace itself, but also to protect our security if the peace unravels, and the peace can be unraveled from without. We left Lebanon – Iran walked in with Hizbullah. We left Gaza – Iran walked in with Hamas. It could be unraveled from without. It could be unraveled from within.

Our commitment, our goal is the maintenance and the expansion of peace. But as we think about the dramatic events that are taking place in Egypt, let’s not lose sight of an even greater earthquake, greater than everything that I described, that could rock our region and rock the world and rock each of your countries and Europe if Iran were to develop nuclear weapons.

Here’s what Iran is doing today. It’s in Afghanistan; it’s in Iraq; it’s in the Yemen; it’s pretty much taken over Lebanon; it’s taken over Gaza; it’s in the Horn of Africa; it’s even sending its tentacles to the Western Hemisphere, penetrating Latin America. This is what Iran is doing today without nuclear weapons. Imagine what they will do tomorrow with nuclear weapons. Iran already has missiles that reach well beyond Israel. They’re not developing these long-range missiles for us; they can reach us. They’re developing it for you, to reach you. With each passing day, those missiles bring more of Europe into range.

PM Netanyahu speech to the Knesset (2 Feb 2011):

One possible scenario, which undoubtedly unites us all, is that these hopes for democracy and a gradual, stable reform process are realized in Egypt.

However, this is not the only possible scenario. Because far away from Washington, Paris, London – and not so far from Jerusalem – is another capital in which there are hopes.

In this capital, there are leaders who can also see the opportunities that change in Egypt could bring. They also support the millions who took to the streets. They too speak about the promise of a new day. But for the people in this capital, the promise of a new day is not in its dawn but in the darkness it can bring.

That capital is Tehran, and I assure you, that the leaders in Iran are not interested in the genuine desires of Egyptians for freedom, liberalization or reform, any more than they were interested in answering similar calls for freedom by the Iranian people, their own people, only 18 months ago.

I’ll jog your memory. They too had demonstrations; multitudes filled the town squares. But, of course it progressed in a different way. I was going to say that it finished differently but I’m not sure it’s over.

The Iranian regime is not interested in seeing an Egypt that protects the rights of individuals, women, and minorities. They are not interested in an enlightened Egypt that embraces the 21st century. They want an Egypt that returns to the Middle Ages. They want Egypt to become another Gaza, run by radical forces that oppose everything that the democratic world stands for.