The timing of the action in the north was not coincidental and was coordinated with Iran in order to divert international attention away from the Iranian issue.

Press briefing by FM Tzipi Livni – 23 Jul 2006

All in all, from the standpoint of Israel and the international community, there is international consensus on a series of matters, first of all on who is responsible for the crisis. There is no doubt, and this was also stated in the G8 report, that Hizbullah is responsible. The nature of the threat is also clear – it is a regional threat, related to the Hizbullah-Syria-Iran-Hamas axis…

It is clear that the threat is not only the threat of the Hizbullah on the northern border of Israel, but there is an axis of terror, hatred, and extremism of which Hizbullah is part, and it includes Hizbullah, Syria, Iran and Hamas. It is clear that Syria supports Hizbullah and the Iranians are using the roads through Syria in order to arm the Hizbullah. There is a need to put international pressure also on Syria to stop arming Hizbullah, to stop helping Hizbullah…

When talking about the proportionate and non-proportionate actions, it is also important to understand that the Israeli reaction, since the beginning, is not to an incident. It is not only about the abduction of two soldiers, it is about a threat from an axiss of terror; it is about Hizbullah who wanted to put the region in flames. We know that the international community understands that there is no conflict between Israel and Lebanon, but there is a threat from Iran, through the Hizbullah, to the region, and not only to the region but to the international community. So our expectation from the international community is to help the Lebanese bovernment to implement fully Resolution 1559 and the G8 decision.

Vice PM Peres meets with German FM Steinmeier – 23 Jul 2006
At the start of the meeting, Vice Prime Minister Shimon Peres told the German Foreign Minister that Iran in effect finances Hizbullah’s existence, at the rate of $100 million annually, and, as of now, more than 100 instructors of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards are in Lebanon. Thus, the Vice Prime Minister added, "The international community should realize that in order to lower the flames, they must deal as well with the source of the fire."

PM Ehud Olmert meets with German FM Steinmeier – 23 July 2006

I would like to thank German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Chancellor Angela Merkel for their aggressive stand against terrorism, for the cooperation, for their concern and assistance and for their willingness to work with us in order stop murderous Hizbullah terrorism that is promoted by Iran and Syria.”

Hizbullah is operated by Iran and Syria. The Iranian issue is one that will preoccupy the world in the coming months and what is happening now is a preparation. If the world does not form a united front against Hizbullah, which is operated by Iran, how will it persuade the Iranians that it is really against them?

FM Livni meets with special UN team – 18 Jul 2006
Israel and the international community face a common threat from an axis of terror and hate: Hizbullah, Hamas, Syria and Iran…
There is a need to remove Hizbullah from the Lebanese border and to implement Resolution 1559; that is, to move the Lebanese Army south and to disarm Hizbullah. We must also prevent Iran and Syria from rearming Hizbullah in future. These are our diplomatic objectives and we will work to achieve them in cooperation with the international community.

PM Olmert meets with new Israeli ambassadors and chiefs-of-mission – 18 Jul 2006
Prime Minister Olmert said the timing of the action in the north was not coincidental and had been coordinated with Iran in order to divert international attention away from the Iranian issue: “Unfortunately, Iran’s trick has succeeded. We all note that the recent G-8 decision on the Lebanese situation does not deal with Iran.”

Statement by Israeli Ambassador Gillerman to the UN Security Council – 14 Jul 2006

It is very important for the international community to understand that while Hizbullah executes this vicious terrorism, it is only the finger on the bloodstained, long-reaching arms of Syria and Iran. Hizbullah, together with Hamas, Syria and Iran, comprise the world’s new and ominous Axis of Terror, an infamous club, the entry fee to which is the blood of innocents and the terrorizing of the entire world.

Membership to this club requires an unfathomable capacity for evil. The president of Iran has repeatedly denied the Holocaust, while gleefully preparing the next one. Many of the long-range missiles fired into Israel in recent days were Iranian missiles, made by the same regime that is now trying to possess nuclear weapons – this same regime that is funding Hizbullah to the sum of 100 million dollars a year. Do we dare ask ourselves how many families in Lebanon today are being prepared to house dirty bombs and other weapons of mass destruction, courtesy of Iran?

Press conference by PM Olmert to the foreign press – 10 Jul 2006 
Israel is very concerned from the possible possession of nuclear weapons, particularly in the hands of non-democratic reckless governments, such as North Korea or Iran…

I would like to remind you that Ahmadinejad, President of Iran, recently said that the Islam will be relieved and happy only when the Zionist entity will be completely destroyed and disappear. This is the main thrust of the ideology that motivates Ahmadinejad.

You’re talking about one of the most extreme anti-Semites of all times and the only formal leader of a recognized and big nation with a great history – Iran – that holds such an important position and is, from top to bottom, the worst anti-Semite that you could think of.

Now, this in itself is very bad, but when this is the leader of a nation who at the same time wants to have a possession of nuclear powers that can be effectively used against others, and when, at the same time, this nation tries to build ballistic missiles with a range that can reach every point in Europe and in the Middle East – the combination of these three: the anti-Semitism of the worst possible kind with provocative rhetoric that is spelled out on a daily basis by this President and the desire to possess nuclear weapons and the efforts made to build delivery systems such as ballistic missiles with warheads that can carry the atomic bombs to every point in Europe and in the Middle East – this combination is very, very threatening.

On the basis of the history of my people I am not prepared at any time to acquiesce with it or to tolerate it. I have not the slightest degree of tolerance to the possible threat coming from this combination which is represented by Ahmadinejad. Now I hope that the international community, led by the United States and the EU-three and Russia and China, will take effective measures that will stop these threats from being realized. I think the options are none, the effects are quite clear, the main testing point is the demand of Iran to allow them the enrichment process of uranium. This must be denied by the international community and I believe that the countries led by the United States and the others have the power to deny Iran from continuing the enrichment process. And I am certain that knowing some of the leaders, primarily President Bush and his determination and total commitment to stop these threats from going on – I am certain that the necessary measures will be taken.