It is now time to initiate crippling sanctions against Iran outside of the UN Security Council, first and foremost in the area of energy.

FM Liberman at press conference with Russian FM Lavrov (29 June 2010):

Israel is convinced that Iran is the biggest threat for the entire Middle East region, and not only in the field of nuclear weapons. There is no doubt that the worst result of the Iranian nuclear program will be a global nuclear arms race across the region. Thus the Iranian nuclear program must be stopped regardless of any specific data. We have no doubt that the final goal of the Iranian nuclear program is the production of nuclear weapon – especially now, that they’ve started enriching uranium up to 20%. In general, a country sponsoring terrorism is definitely a threat to stability in the Middle East. It supports terrorist organizations, the Shi’ite terrorist organizations in Iraq, Hizbullah, Hamas, Yemenite Shi’ite rebels, as well as other organizations in other places. Thus, it is clear to us that Iran is a real serious problem of the entire Middle East region.  

President Peres at meeting with Russian FM Sergei Lavrov (29 June 2010):

"We must understand that Iran is bluffing! Iran is directly on the path to gain a nuclear weapon. And I am telling you that based on firm, verified intelligence. All of us, whether in Israel or in Russia, will not sleep peacefully at night if Iran gains a nuclear weapon. Israel views this matter with the utmost seriousness. We do not intend to leave any opening for danger. I recommend everyone behave likewise."

The President also thanked Russia for its involvement in advancing economic sanctions against Iran and added that there exist obvious problems that must be dealt with, including North Korea which has become a duty-free for nuclear arms and sells its technologies to several countries.

The President also stated the importance of construing a shield of anti-missile systems across the countries of the Middle East to protect them from Iran: "Iran must know that its missiles will meet the highest barrier of anti-missile technology."

PM Netanyahu welcomes Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann (23 June 2010):

It is now time for the United States and EU countries to continue in the same direction and initiate crippling sanctions against Iran outside of the UN Security Council, first and foremost in the area of energy. The current regime relies on energy. Effective sanctions against refining and exporting oil can certainly have an influence. ..

I have learned of Iran and Hizbullah’s plans to dispatch additional flotillas to Gaza… These flotillas are not organized by peace supporters but by those that oppose peace – Iran and Hizbullah. Their real aims are to instigate provocation against Israel in order to disrupt the security curfew, not the civilian curfew, but the curfew against importing missiles, rockets and other weapons.

I just heard of a new method that they have. They intend to make cynical use of women in order to cover up their hostile activities. My friends, I want to show you the extent of the absurdity.

The darkest forces in the world – Iran, Hizbullah and Hamas, who want to return the world to the Middle Ages, who prevent their women from dressing, working and expressing themselves freely, where their women live under slavery and oppression, sometimes without basic rights, often exposed to violence; they actually organize a boat of women as propaganda against Israel?!

The time has come to put a stop to this hypocrisy and take a genuine stance for women’s rights and human rights in our region.

I call upon all peace and human rights activists in the progressive world: Go to the places where they oppress women. Go to the places where they hang homosexuals in squares and deny the rights of minorities. Go to the places where there is no freedom of expression, no freedom of press, no independent courts and no human rights organizations. There are no human rights. Go to Teheran. Go to Gaza.

For those for whom human rights are truly important, you need to support the democratic and liberal Israel against these dark forces.

Dep FM Ayalon addresses French Foreign Affairs Committee (17 June 2010):

"Just as the international community is trying to impose sanctions and isolate the regime in Iran while considering the humanitarian implications for civilians, we are trying to do exactly the same with Hamas in Gaza."

Dep FM Ayalon meets with Italian officials (16 June 2010):

Deputy Foreign Minister Ayalon explained that attention should not be diverted from the issue of Iran. "Everything negative in the region emanates from Iran and they remain the true threat to the all the people in the region, including the Lebanese and Palestinian people," Ayalon continued. "Iran will continue to do everything possible to prevent progress towards peace in the region."

With this in mind, Ayalon called on Italy and the European Parliament to implement further sanctions on Iran. "We should take advantage of the latest United Nations Security Council resolution and provide a secondary layer of sanctions through the European Parliament and national parliaments, like Italy," Ayalon told the Italian officials. "We would also like to see more countries follow the lead of the Dutch Parliament and the U.S. Congress by designating the Iranian Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist entity."

FM Liberman in New York (10 June 2010):

FM Liberman referred to UN Security Council Resolution [1929] about the sanctions against Iran and said that even if it won’t stop the Iranian nuclear program, it is the first time that a significant statement has been heard on this issue. The importance of the resolution is the clear message that the international community is conveying to Iran. However, the really meaningful thing is – what will be the international community’s next step?