It is a mark of disgrace for humanity that several decades after the Holocaust, the world’s response to the calls by Iran’s leader to destroy the State of Israel is weak.

Response to Ahmedinejad’s incitement to hatred at the UN Conference against Racism (20 April 2009):

The opening address to the high-level session of the conference was made by the Iranian President, Mahmud Ahmedinejad.

The organizers of the event enabled a Holocaust denier, a ruler who has made a policy of persecuting the minorities in his own country, to open the conference. An address by such an individual stands in stark contradiction to the claims that this conference actually contributes to the struggle against racism. It is both symbolic and sad that this event is taking place on the eve of the Holocaust Memorial Day. 

The extremist and slanderous speech made by the Iranian President caused a mass, demonstrative walkout of those Western delegates not boycotting the conference, and loud heckling from the visitor’s gallery.

The offensive and inflammatory incitement and humiliating and intolerable appeal to racist hate by the Iranian President, which were expressed during the first hours of the conference, constitute clear proof, for those who still require it, that the conference’s agenda has been taken hostage and diverted from real and necessary racism-related deliberations – to an unabashed tirade against Israel.

Address by PM Benjamin Netanyahu on Holocaust Martyrs’ and Heroes’ Remembrance Day (20 April 2009):

In our generation, only a few dozen years after the Holocaust, new forces arise, clearly and openly stating their intention to wipe the Jewish State off the face of the earth. And the response of the civilized world? Instead of a firm denunciation – at best, we hear a faint voice.

The unfortunate fact is that while we are marking the events of the Holocaust here at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem, there are those who chose to participate in a spectacle of hatred of Israel, conducted at this very hour in  the heart of Europe. 

From here I turn to you, President of Switzerland, and I ask you: how can you, as a head of an enlightened state, meet with those who deny the Holocaust and strive for another one?

In opposition to this, we express our appreciation to those important countries which chose to boycott this demonstration of hatred – including the United States, Canada, Germany, Italy, Holland, Poland, Australia and New Zealand, as well as representatives who left the hall during the hateful words of the Iranian president.

Statement by FM Liberman on the Durban II Conference (19 April 2009):

An international conference, in which Ahmadinejad – a racist known for his constant preaching of Israel’s destruction – is not only invited to participate, but is welcomed as a central speaker, clearly demonstrates the forum’s true goals and character.

Israel cannot ignore the fact that the conference, which is hosting a serial Holocaust denier, is taking place precisely on the day in which Jewish people commemorate the six million Jewish victims of the Holocaust, murdered in Europe by Nazi Germany and its followers.

FM Liberman meets with Spanish FM Moratinos (16 April 2009):

FM Liberman expressed his concern regarding Iran’s negative influence on the region, stating as an example the recent arrests in Egypt, and of the necessity of stopping the Iranian nuclear program. FM Liberman stated that, "In the event Iran acquires nuclear weapons, it will cause a nuclear arms race throughout the region." 

FM Liberman meets US Special Envoy Mitchell (16 April 2009):

FM Liberman raised the issue of the Iranian threat as a central problem for Israel and the entire region, as demonstrated by the arrest of terrorists in Egypt last week. "Iran with nuclear weapons and long-range missiles; Hamas and the Islamic Jihad in the Gaza Strip; and Hizbullah in Lebanon – this is the real problem. If we’re looking for a stable solution to the Palestinian problem, we must first of all stop the intensification and expansion of the Iranian threat."

Statement by incoming Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman at the ministerial inauguration ceremony (1 Apr 2009 ):

The claim that what is threatening the world today is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a way of evading reality. The reality is that the problems are coming from the direction of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq. What is important is to maintain global and regional stability.

Incoming PM Benjamin Netanyahu presents his government to the Knesset (31 Mar 2009):

It is a mark of disgrace for humanity that several decades after the Holocaust, the world’s response to the calls by Iran’s leader to destroy the State of Israel is weak, there is no firm condemnation and decisive measures – almost as if dismissed as routine. However, the Jewish people have learnt their lesson. We cannot afford to take lightly megalomaniac tyrants who threaten to annihilate us. Contrary to the terrible trauma we experienced during the last century when we stood helpless and stateless, today we are not defenseless. We have a state, and we know how to defend it.