We are talking about a leader who denies the Holocaust, has his own idea of wiping Israel off the map, supports terrorism while pursuing the nuclear weapon to do so. This is the vision and this is the meaning of a rogue state. 

Foreign Minister Livni addresses the International Institute for Strategic Studies, London – Nov 20, 2006

The prime example of the rogue state is Iran. We are talking about a regime, about a leader who denies the Holocaust, mocks the Holocaust, has his own idea of wiping Israel off the map, supports terrorism while pursuing the nuclear weapon to do so. This is the vision and this is the meaning of a rogue state. 

In the case of Iran there needs to be an end to excuses. The international community has to impose the needed sanctions, not soft ones, on the Iranians, because it is crucial that the international community be willing to defend its own values more than protect the price of oil.

I would like to say also a few words about the Iranian issue from another perspective: The Iranian problem is not only a threat to Israel. I believe that it is well understood right now that Iran is a threat to the world, but it is also a threat to the region. I referred before to the moderate Arab states, to the states which are facing this threat in the region and this is the common understanding right now. 

Now our concern is that in response to the Iranian threat, some of other states in the region will try to achieve this nuclear capacity in the future. We are talking in the future about proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, not only to states but to terrorist organizations in our region. Part of my concern is that in the future, if the international community is not strong enough, so we will face some states that will try to appease Iran in order to gain the protection of the "bully" of the neighbourhood.

In the long run I believe that the international community should also take a stand when it comes to some of the hard core, when we are talking about the conflict or the process or any kind of peace process, but I will refer to it later. I also believe that, in the case of moderate Arab leaders, the meaning or the demand should be that these leaders should be called upon to say publicly what many of them are willing to concede privately. The understanding for example that Iran is not only a threat to Israel, an understanding that Israel and these states can share the same interest, that this is not a zero sum game, that supporting Israel meaning maybe or supporting the process, supporting the two-state solution as a vision is not something which is against the Palestinians, but something that can bring, I hope, the Palestinians to a future in which they can live in their own state; but unfortunately – I know that this is the understanding – but unfortunately we cannot see these kinds of public statements.

PM Olmert addresses the United Jewish Communities General Assembly – 14 Nov 2006

We have reached the pivotal moment of truth regarding Iran.

It would be an unbearable sin to future generations to allow Iran to obtain nuclear weapons. What would we tell our children? How can we justify not preventing this catastrophic event? If Iran achieves the ability to produce nuclear weapons, as we know it is seeking to do, we will enter a new era of instability unlike any the world has ever seen.

We cannot afford to wait.

We must all speak with one voice. 

No longer can the international community afford to hesitate, contemplate or waver in its dealing with this defiant state. No longer can we allow Iran to defer the demands of the international community without consequence.

We cannot tolerate – we will not tolerate – those who challenge Israel’s right to exist while actively seeking to develop the catastrophic weapons to fulfill their goals.

America’s leadership in preventing Iran’s nuclearization is indisputable and unequaled. I just met my good friend, a true friend of Israel, President George W. Bush in Washington.  Believe me, he is a great friend to the State of Israel. We discussed this issue at great length. His determination to prevent this most serious of developments is unquestionable. But America must have the support of the international community if we are to successfully defuse this mortal threat.

Our actions will be measured by results, not intentions. Our integrity will remain intact only if we prevent Iran’s devious goals, not if we try our best but fail. Our generation will be judged by its ability to ensure peace and security, not by its failure to stand up to the most challenging of threats.

We did not choose this responsibility. But the burden is ours.  We cannot, we will not, we shall not shy away from confronting this challenge.

Once before, calls to wipe out the Jewish people were appeased by the community of nations. Once before, but never again.

A coalition of moderate Arab countries can and must unite their common interest in preventing Iran from undermining stability in the Middle East. This coalition must struggle against the dangers of radical Islam that manipulate the very source of Islam itself. We saw this coalition forming towards the end of the fighting in Lebanon. It is crucial for this coalition to be nurtured.

Statement by PM Olmert at the White House – 13 Nov 2006

There is no question that the Iranian threat is not just a threat for Israel, but for the whole world. The fanaticism and the extremism of the Iranian government, and the fact that the leader of a nation such as Iran can threaten the very existence of another nation, as he does towards the State of Israel, is not something that we can tolerate or would ever tolerate, and certainly not when we know that he is trying to possess nuclear weapons…

The stand we are taking on the Iran issue is that every effort must be made to ensure that the Iranians are unable to cross the technological threshold which will allow them later to develop nuclear weapons… The central issue is that Iran must understand that there are consequences to its unwillingness to reach a compromise which will prevent the possibility that it will develop nuclear weapons.

FM Livni addresses General Assembly of the United Jewish Communities – 12 Nov 2006

We face challenges on three different fronts: as a people defending our basic right to a national homeland; as Jews against the dark hatred of anti-Semitism; and as members of the free world against the forces of global terrorism. In each case, what is at stake is not just our physical security or existence, but our very right to a Jewish national identity and a place our people can call home. 

These three fronts have come together in the case of Iran.

We face a regime that denies and mocks the Holocaust while seeking the weapons to perpetrate one. Iran’s words and actions are not only a direct threat to Israel, but they are no less a threat to the values that the international community as a whole claims to hold dear.

If these values mean anything – if the promise of "never again" is more important than the price of oil – then the time for international indifference and hesitation in the face of the Iranian threat has long passed.  

Last summer, we experienced a confrontation between Israel and Iran. Though the war took place in Lebanon, it was the case of a rogue state, Iran, and its proxy, the Hizbullah, abusing a weak state, Lebanon, to advance a radical and hate-filled agenda.