Iran is vying for the leadership of militant Islam.

PM Netanyahu at Conference on the Future of the Jewish People at the Israel Museum (22 Oct 2010):

Iran is vying for the leadership of militant Islam. It continues on its path towards developing nuclear weapons and its bid for regional hegemony. In addition to its threats to annihilate Israel, and its denial of the Holocaust, Iran is confronting the United States in Afghanistan and Iraq; it is taking over Lebanon; it is dominating Gaza; it is establishing beachheads in Arabia and in the Horn of Africa; and it sends its tentacles into South America as well.

This is what Iran is doing without a nuclear weapon. Imagine what it will do with one. Imagine what its proxies will do under a nuclear umbrella. The international community, led by the United States, must constantly make clear in both word and deed that it will not permit Iran to develop nuclear weapons.

PM Netanyahu at the opening of the Knesset winter session (11 Oct 2010):

We once had peaceful, normal relations, relations which included exchanges of delegations, contact between leaders, trade relations, especially of petroleum, with an important country. That country is called Iran.

I still hope that we can rehabilitate and restore those relations, which have deteriorated against our will. Things have changed in Iran and, unfortunately, in other places as well, almost overnight, and no one can promise us that, despite our desire, a similar thing won’t happen after the establishment of a peace agreement with the Palestinians.