It is extremely important that the negotiations between the international community and Iran should focus on the core components of the nuclear issue.

FM Liberman to UN General Assembly (28 Sept 2010):

Iran can exist without Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Hizbullah, but the terrorist organizations cannot exist without Iran. Relying on these proxies, Iran can at any given time foil any agreement between Israel and the Palestinians or with Lebanon. Thus, in searching for a durable agreement with the Palestinians, one which will deal with the true roots of the conflict and which will endure for many years, one must understand that first, the Iranian issue must be resolved.

President Peres meets with Secretary of State Clinton (15 Sept 2010):

"We cannot overlook important developments. There is a country that desires hegemony in the Middle East. They have imperial aspirations and use terror, the financing of terror, and the nuclear threat to the Middle East. All of the independent countries in the Middle East feel threatened. It is also a global threat."

Deputy FM Ayalon opens Israel-EU strategic dialogue (6 Sept 2010):

"We are aware that negotiations between the international community and Iran may be renewed after the end of Ramadan. We feel it is extremely important that the negotiations should focus on the core components of the nuclear issue: Complete and immediate suspension of uranium enrichment, enabling free access to International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspectors and full replies to IAEA questions regarding military research." 

The relaunching of peace talks – Remarks by PM Netanyahu at the State Dept (2 Sept 2010):

"In [the past] 12 years, new forces have risen in our region, and we’ve had the rise of Iran and its proxies and the rise of missile warfare. And so a peace agreement must take into account a security arrangement against these real threats that have been directed against my country, threats that have been realized with 12,000 rockets that have been fired on our territory, and terrorist attacks that go unabated."

Remarks by PM Netanyahu before working dinner (1 Sept 2010):

"We want to ensure that territory we’ll concede will not be turned into a third Iranian-sponsored terror enclave armed at the heart of Israel – and may I add, also aimed at every one of us sitting on this stage."