Ahmadinejad said "Zionists" should move to empty lands in Europe or North America and out of the Middle East entirely.

 Iranian President Ahmadinejad addresses Jerusalem Day rally in Tehran


Iranian demonstrators drag an Israeli flag along the ground during a Jerusalem Day rally in Tehran (Photo: Reuters)

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, addressing the Jerusalem Day rally in Tehran on Friday, October 5, 2007, reiterated his denial of the Holocaust and called for a referendum to remove the State of Israel from the Middle East. Following are excerpts from his remarks, as reported by IRNA, the Iranian news agency:

"Why don’t you let the black box of the World War II be decoded? We want to help you!" Ahmadinejad asked supporters of the Zionist regime while addressing ralliers in the International Qods Day rallies. "If the Western leaders are not members of the Zionist party, they should allow an international factfinding group decode the lack box," he added.
"Let us see what has happened and under what pretext they still commit crimes! They award the Zionist regime with a peace medal for its atrocities while attack a young Palestinian who is under full siege under the pretext of fight against terrorism. Nations should be allowed to conduct research on crimes of the Zionist regime and decode the black box for its atrocities," he added. "You have turned what you call Holocaust into a holy issue and do not let anybody raise any question about it."

Ahmadinejad stated, "Events took place in the World War II. Later, they committed a historical genocide in Palestine. They ratified unlimited and holy rights for themselves and introduced all nations as criminals. They allowed themselves to commit whatever crimes under pretext of the Holocaust. They even built secret prisons in Europe… and attacked and imposed economic sanctions against a nation who did not officially recognize the Zionist regime."

"The Iranian nation hates killing and considers Hitler and the executioners of the World War II as black and dark figures," he said. "But the Iranian nation has a question and as long as there is no clear and reasonable response to this question, it will remain."
Ahmadinejad stated that creation of the Zionist regime, continuation of its existence, its performance and unlimited support for the regime (by the US) are an insult to human dignity and its destruction. "Defense for the ominous interests of the Zionist regime is a must for certain powers. Western governments who are pioneers of secularism pursue defense for the Zionist regime as the holiest task in the world," the president regretted.

"Let a referendum be held in Palestine. It is our clear proposal to European countries," Ahmadinejad said. "Let all Palestinians including Muslims, Christians and the Jews attend the referendum," he added.
Ahmadinejad said "Zionists" should move to empty lands in Europe or North America and out of the Middle East entirely. "Europeans cannot tolerate the Zionists in their region and country, but they want to impose them on the people of the region… Give these vast lands of Canada and Alaska to them to create a country for themselves."