While the IDF aid mission has returned to Israel, the IsraAID delegation continues to provide relief to the typhoon victims. The Hanukah holiday has brought light to the island that still suffers from electricity and power outages since the typhoon.

 IsraAID continues to provide relief to Philippines


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Immediately after the extent of the damage was known, the IsraAID humanitarian NGO sent a team of seven medical professionals to storm-ravaged Philippines to aid the people struck by Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda).

IsraAID’s current team of 12 medical and psychosocial professionals in Ormoc, Philippines have been celebrating the Hanukah holiday with partners and colleagues from around the world including the US, Germany, France, Australia and of course the Philippines. The holiday has brought light (both figuratively and literally) to the island that still suffers from electricity and power outages since the typhoon.

At the same time, the team has made strong headway in its medical, psychosocial and livelihood projects, and further cemented IsraAID as one of the leading organizations with an integrated model for the rehabilitation and recovery of Ormoc and its surrounding municipalities.

Physical health

A new IsraAID team on the ground is working closely with American, German and Filipino doctors, equipped with a new batch of medicine and medical equipment. IsraAID remains active in the Ipil district, and the total number of patients treated to date has risen to well over 1,500. In keeping with the community based approach, 1-2 day mobile clinics are conducted in each of the neighborhoods in the district.

In addition, as other organizations begin to pull out, IsraAID has been called upon by the Department of Health to both adopt another district of over 45,000 people (the largest in the city), and support the main city health center which is losing its international medical backing. At the request of the UN and the US government liaison, IsraAID is also providing health services in two villages outside the city.