For one whole week, Israel, among all the nations of the world, is singled out for criticism and rabid expressions of hatred.

"Unlike, say, ‘anti-racism week,’ IAW does not champion a concept — rather, it targets a particular group of people defined by religion and citizenship. Second, it does so with a false and poisonous analogy between Israel and apartheid-era South Africa. Taken together, the combined message is more or less the same one communicated by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Hamas — that Israel is a uniquely evil and fundamentally illegitimate nation.

These same advocates ignore the dozens of other nations whose human rights records are far worse than Israel’s because IAW types don’t care about human rights. They care about smearing the Jewish state."

(Excerpts from "A Festival of Bigotry" – National Post, 2 March 2010)

"Criticizing Israel does not make one an anti-Semite anymore than criticizing the government of France makes one anti-French. But it’s one thing to criticize France and another to declare the French nation illegitimate and to advocate its dismantling.

For that’s what Israeli apartheid week is about. Labeling Israel an ‘Apartheid’ state is a deliberate attempt to undermine the legitimacy of the Jewish state itself.

"For various Arab states to denote themselves Arab Republics is not objectionable, but a Jewish state is racism and apartheid."
Saudi Arabia officially prohibits the practice of non-Muslim religions; Egypt has persecuted its minority Christians; Turkey and other Muslim countries make sure the Kurds remain stateless and dispossessed — and campus activists couldn’t care less. It’s Israel, and Israel alone, that consumes them."

(Excerpts from "The Dark Side of a Yearly Ritual" By Leonard Stern, The Ottawa Citizen 25 February 2010)