While the Palestinians are busy condemning Israel, Israel is busy supporting the Palestinian economy and developing their infrastructure.

 Israel at UNGA on humanitarian aid to Palestinians


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Mr. President,

Every year we are forced to listen to the Palestinian delegate’s lectures. Every year, I note that these lectures have two unmistakable qualities – they are long and they are wrong.

Amidst the tired accusations, one resounding message emerges – the Palestinians are never at fault. The Palestinian leadership has demonstrated no self-criticism, no responsibility, and no accountability.

Listening to the Palestinian delegate, one would believe that the Palestinian leadership has no responsibility for the wellbeing of their people or the strength of their economy.

Mr. President,

While the Palestinians are busy condemning Israel, Israel is busy supporting the Palestinian economy and developing their infrastructure.

Israel, the Palestinian Authority and the UN – together – agreed on a tripartite mechanism for the reconstruction of Gaza. Israel is abiding by its commitments, but the PA is dragging its feet – as reflected in yesterday’s statements by Special Envoy Robert Serry.

The truth is that the reconstruction of Gaza is not high on President Abbas and the PA’s agenda. Consider the following. For all that Abbas speaks about his commitment to Gaza – he has not even set foot in the Strip. He is far too consumed with dreaming up new ways to blame Israel and go to the UN.

Despite the obstacles presented by the Palestinian Authority, thousands of tons of cement and construction materials have been made available for construction projects. Additionally, Israel has ensure that food and goods continue to flow uninterrupted into the Gaza Strip.

Mr. President,

The Palestinians monopolize the time of this body to complain about their financial troubles. A closer look at the PA’s budgetary priorities proves that this is another example of trying to deflect responsibility.

Every year, 4% of the PA budget is used to pay salaries to terrorists in Israeli prisons – that’s $130 million dollars. The PA’s message to its people couldn’t be clearer – the more you slay, the more we pay. They are far more interested in funding  terrorists  than investing in social services.

Instead of funding terror attacks, perhaps the PA could turn its attention to repaying its $430 million debt to Israel’s electric company. Despite this growing debt, Israel is continuing to build 4 sub-stations to improve the scope and quality of electricity provision to Palestinians.

Mr. Chairman,

In recent years, countless scandals involving corrupt senior PA and Fatah officials have been exposed. For example, last year, a report by the European Court Auditors revealed that European aid amounting to 2 billion euros have been lost to corruption or spending abuses. Will anyone from the EU question the PA on this gross abuse?

According to Palestinian polls – 78% of the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza think that the PA is corrupt. The same poll found that 64% of Palestinians think that Hamas is corrupt.

The PA is able to deflect responsibility because the international community is granting the Palestinian leadership impunity – it is time for the Palestinian Authority to assume responsibility. It must stop blaming Israel and start being accountable.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.