MFA has sent four tons of emergency humanitarian aid to the beleaguered African nation.

 Israel extends humanitarian and medical aid to the Democratic Republic of the Congo


Deputy D-G Revach with Minister Botswali (Photo: MFA)

(Communicated by the MFA Spokesperson)

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent emergency aid last week to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, in support of the government’s efforts to relieve the suffering of the population in the eastern region of the country. Due to the escalation in fighting in recent months, hundreds of thousands have become refugees, lacking all basic commodities, but primarily lacking medical equipment and supplies.

Approximately four tons of medical aid, obtained by the MFA, reached the country’s capital city of Kinshasa, and from there was to be distributed by to the assistance centers located some 1500 kms to the east of Kinshasa by the UN forces posted in the country.  

Jack Revach, MFA Deputy Director General and head of the Africa Division, delivered the aid package to Barthélemy Botswali, The Democratic Republic of the Congo’s Minister for Social Affairs, Humanitarian Action and National Solidarity, on Thursday (27 November 2008).  The Minister of Foreign Affairs and various other dignitaries, including the president of the historic Jewish community and the Chief Rabbi, attended the ceremony.

Israel is one of the first countries to supply humanitarian aid to this country, along with Belgium, Great Britain and the European Union.

Officials who met with Deputy Director General Revach expressed their gratitude to the government and people of Israel, who came to their assistance in their hour of need, even before they had issued an official request for assistance.