(Communicated by Foreign Ministry Spokesman) July 18, 1996

In the framework of its participation in the international effort to reduce the harm caused by anti-personnel mines, Israel has decided to extend the moratorium initially adopted in 1994 against exporting anti-personnel mines, until 1999.

There are more than 110 million "unmarked" anti-personnel mines dispersed throughout 69 countries most of which are developing nations which cause death and injury on an almost daily basis.

Israel thoroughly supports the decisions of the United Nations General Assembly which have called for a moratorium on the export of these mines, and over the next few years will continue to work together with other authorities, with the objective of establishing a permanent regime to prohibit the transfer of mines of this type.

The Government of Israel is interested in the active participation of other countries, particularly those in the Middle East, in the international effort including adopting the moratorium on their distribution to eliminate the spread of these mines.