Israel-Palestinian Negotiation Committees
February 1999


  • committees which have completed their work
  • committees established in the Wye River Memorandum
  • committees which the Palestinian side refuses to convene

             Permanent status negotiations

    Monitoring and Steering Committee

  • Karni Industrial Estate (ad hoc)

  • Gaza Airport
  • Joint Economic Committee
            AD HOC Economic Committee
  • Passages
  • Civil Affairs Committee (CAC)
      Professional sub-committees
         Telecommunications (Ministry of Communications)
         Transportation (Ministry of Transport)
         Electricity (Ministry of Infrastructures)
         Population Registry (Coordinator)
         Water (Ministry of Infrastructures)
         Environment (Ministry of Environment)
         Postal Issues (Ministry of Communications)
         Employment (Ministry of Labour)
         Agriculture (Ministry of Agriculture)

      RCAC Regional sub-committees

  • Safe passage

  • Standing Cooperation Committee
  • Gaza Port
  • Joint Security Committee (JSC)

  • Joint Legal Committee
      Legal Affairs

  • Committee for Third Phase of FRD

  • Trilateral Security Committee

  • Trilateral Committee on Illegal Weapons

  • Trilateral Anti-incitement Committee


     Israel-Palestinian Negotiation Committees
     Israel-Palestinian Negotiation Committees