Jerusalem, 16 May 1996


(Communicated by Justice Ministry Spokeswoman)

During the meeting of the Israel-Palestinian Legal Affairs Committee held today, Thursday, 16.5.96, at the Erez Checkpoint, Justice Minister Liba’i submitted to his Palestinian counterpart, Fariah Abu-Madin, a request for the extradition of four additional wanted individuals, for questionings and trial:

Abed Almagid Doudin, of Hebron.

Mohi al-Din Sharif, of Beit Hanina.

Alah Ahmed Abed al-Mounis Saleh, of Khan Yunis.

Aved Salameh, of Gaza.

The request, signed by the Justice Ministry Liasion with the Palestinian Authority for Legal Affairs, Jean Claude Keedam, notes that the Attorney General confirmed that he had found that there was sufficient evidence that the individuals had carried out the crimes attributed to them, and that arrest warrants had been issued by the Israeli courts.

Abed Almagid Doudin is wanted for enlisting the suicide bomber Sufian Jubrin, who blew himself up on the #26 bus, on 21.08.95, in Jerusalem, in which 4 people were killed, and 103 others wounded. Doudin is also wanted for his part in other terrorist acts carried out by Hamas, which are detailed in the extradition request, including the explosion on the #20 Dan bus explosion in Ramat Gan on 24.07.95.

Mohi al-Din Sharif is wanted for his part in planning the attack, and providing explosives to the suicide bomber, who blew himself up on the #26 bus in Jerusalem on 21.08.95. Sharif is also wanted for his role in other Hamas terrorist operations, including the explosion on the #20 Dan bus explosion in Ramat Gan 24.07.95.

Alah Ahmwed Abed al-Mounis Selah is wanted, together with Rami Barba Nasser, for the murder of Yosef Jendani, an orchard manager from Bnei Ayash, in Ashkelon on 31.03.93. They left a leaflet at the location of the murder, stating that they acted on behalf of the National Front, in order to avenge the death of a relative.

Aved Salameh is wanted for Hamas activities and participation in numerous terrorist operations, including the killing of Lt.-Col. Meir Mintz on 24.12.93 in Gaza, ambush shootings at IDF patrols in Gaza during 1993- 94, and the kidnapping and killing of three gaza residents who were suspected of cooperating with Israel.

The Justice Minister emphasized taht Israel demands that these fugitives be arrested and tried in Israel, in accordance with the interim agreemenent with the Palestinian Authority.

Minister Liba’i added, that also according to the Palestinian interpretation of the agreement, in which they delay the transfer of fugitives to Israel as long as they are serving sentences in territory controlled by the Palestinian Authority, Israel has the right to try them at the completion of the terms imposed by the Palestinian Authority. "Therefore, Israel sees importance in submitting the extradition requests, in order to prevent their being released early on the grounds that Israel has not requested their extradition," Liba’i said.