Israeli Medical Aid to Flood Victims in Central America

(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry)
Jerusalem, 10 November 1998

In response to the devastation caused by Hurricane Mitch, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has decided to extend emergency medical aid to Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala. Upon the request of local authorities, medical aid teams and supplies have been sent to Honduras and Nicaragua. Additional medical supplies were airlifted to El Salvador and Guatemala.

The operation was coordinated for the Ministry’s Center for International Cooperation (MASHAV) by Dr. Yossi Bertz, the center’s medical affairs advisor. Dr. Bertz is also heading the delegation.

 Israeli Medical Aid to Flood Victims in Central America
 Israeli Medical Aid to Flood Victims in Central America

Photo: "Scoop 80"

On Tuesday, 10 November 1998, nine Spanish-speaking doctors and a senior nurse were dispatched to Honduras and Nicaragua. These medical professionals specialize in treating victims of mass disasters, trauma cases, infectious diseases and intensive care cases, both adult and pediatric. They will work with their local colleagues in hospitals in the affected areas.

A consignment of medical equipment, which will aid the doctors in their work, has already been sent to the stricken area. The supplies, donated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, include infusions, antibiotics, bandages and other medicines, as well as a ton-and- a-half donation of infusions, infusion-kits and accompanying supplies, given by "Isra-medicom" a Koor-Medica Consortium company.

The Center for International Cooperation (MASHAV) of the Israeli Foreign Ministry intends to send additional consultants and agricultural experts, in order to aid in the restoration and development of agriculture damaged in the floods.

In addition, an Israeli expert in the field of infectious diseases (epidemiology) was sent, also on 10 November, to the Dominican Republic on a consulting mission to the local authorities, in order to assist the victims of Hurricane Georges. This follows the medicines and medical teams that Israel sent last month to the Caribbean nations ravaged by Hurricane Georges.