The Ministry of Health announces that the “Israeli Pickles” (“Hamutzim Israelim”) food company at Moshav Hazav, Farm No. 3, is operating without a business license
​In a joint activity of the Ashkelon district health bureau and the Beer Tuvia local council, the production activity of a food company at Farm No. 3 in Moshav Hazav, which was illegally manufacturing a variety of pickled fruit and vegetable food products and salads, was halted.
The products were being manufactured in a non-licensed facility under acutely substandard sanitary conditions. The labeling on the product packages is – “Israeli Pickles” (“Hamutzim Israelim”) and “Produced by Manufacturer No. 3185 for Village Salads (Salatey Hakfar)”.
It is possible that some of these products are already in the marketing chain in various configurations and package sizes and may be on sale by weight in delicatessen stores.
The Ministry of Health warns against consuming these products, irrespective of the product type and its expiry date.

“Israeli Pickles” (“Hamutzim Israelim”) food company is operating without a business license