Capital and Technology in the Service of the Region

International Convention Center
October 28-30, 1995

About the Conference

As peace comes to the Middle East, economic doors are gradually being opened throughout the region and beyond. At the same time, the diplomatic climate engendered by the peace process has contributed to the favorable atmosphere which can now facilitate business activities. These business activities are not based on sentiment. Many of the developments that have already occurred are a reflection of the Middle East’s inherent economic strength, and of its potential for contributing to the development of even the most highly industrialized of its trading partners.

The Jerusalem Business Conference 95, with its theme "Capital and Technology in the Service of the Region", is the gateway to this emerging region where business people can meet their counterparts as wall as political leaders from throughout the world. The Conference’s purpose is to facilitate discussion of the vast number of varied opportunities that exist in the region and to explore its great potential for strategic partnering.


The Jerusalem Business Conference, initiated by ‘Globes’ and hosted by the City of Jerusalem and The Jerusalem Development Authority, established in anticipation of the emerging opportunities of the times, has grown in four short years to become the largest business assembly of its kind in the Middle East.

Time and Place

The Conference will take place on October 28-30, 1995 at Jerusalem’s International Convention Center. Future business activities in energy, tourism, commerce, capital investment and other subjects will be explored by experts in each field. In addition, an enlarged exhibition area will be provided to the many companies seeking to demonstrate their expertise to the over 4,000 people expected to attend.

Distinguished guests and speakers from Israel will be Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, Foreign Minister Shimon Peres, as well as other ministers and leading public and professional figures. The Chairman of the Conference is Mr. Shoul N. Eisenberg, Chairman of Eisenberg Group of Companies. Prominent senior government officials and business leaders from neighboring countries and the rest of the world will make presentations as well. But the real value of the conference will be your opportunity to speak directly with your colleagues to determine together how to capitalize on the new Middle East and increase your profitability in the process.

Who Should Attend

The Jerusalem Conference is expressly designed for senior level corporate managmeent, investment firms, financial insttiutions and communication organizations with international interests and capabilities, as well as for government officials involved in national, regional and global development issues.

All sessions will be conducted in English, with simultaneous translation available in Arabic, French and Hebrew.

Agenda Topics

Sessions featuring international leaders and decision makers will include:

  • Political and Strategic Implications of the New Middle East

    The opening session of the conference will review the progress achieved in the region since the signing of the Oslo agreement in September, 1993, and will analyze potential future developments and directions. Focus will be on the promises and possibilities for regional economic development and cooperation.

  • The Information Highway and The Middle East

    The communication industry is the fastest growing segment in the world marketplace. This session will look at the implications for the region, the diversity of opportunities present, and how the region can be integrated into all aspects of this rapidly emerging and dynamic field.

  • R&D in Medicine, Science and Industry

    The remarkable achievements of Israeli technological R&D and industrial commercialization in the fields of medicine, science and industry will prove to be essential to any future regional growth and development. This session will emphasize the progress being made now and how these achievements can be translated into the greater good for the entire region and world.

  • Prospects and Opportunities for Multinational Tourism

    Tourism is the first economic sector to have benefitted from the Middle East Peace Process. This session will discuss ways in which multi-country tourism in the region can be encouraged; the opportunities for building, specialized tourism, utilizing communication and computer technology, and for providing the necessary service structure to properly meet the challenges of vastly increased numbers of tourists expected to visit the area.

  • Building and Construction

    There are very large regional needs in the areas of residential, commercial, recreational and industrial building. This session will emphasize the necessity for significant cooperation to attract the huge investments that are required. Building proper and sufficient physical facilities throughout the region is essential for any future growth. Many Israeli, regional and international interests are expressing interest in such involvement.

  • Financial markets in the Middle East – Large Project Finance

    The world’s financial community is undergoing dramatic change. Future banking practices will be closer to the client and immediately connected with other financial institutions internationally. This session will explore the current state of the region’s financial markets and institutions, the regional obstacles to be overcome, and the ramifications of mutual cooperation, both regionally and worldwide.

  • Venture Capital – Financing for the Future

    In addition to a number of venture capital funds which have recently emerged within the region, numerous overseas-based funds have taken a new look at the area and have made significant resources available for growth opportunities. Funds are also now available for the financing of large projects. A panel of distinguished venture capitalists will discuss what they see in the future for the region and how these funds can be tapped.

  • Energy Alternatives and Challenges

    Oil is plentiful in the region, but alternative energy sources are becoming increasingly significant. This session will look at ways of preserving and optimizing these resources, developing alternative sources, and recognizing opportunities through which economic interests can both benefit from, and assist in, proper utilization of these resources.

  • Answering Transportation Infrastructure Growth Demands

    Having proper transportation facilities and equipment is essential for regional development. This session will look at current conditions, expansion of existing ports, connecting roads, facilitating border crossings, strengthening rail and air connections and more. The opportunities for investment and strategic partnerships will receive careful evaluation.

  • Using Emerging Communications Technology as Marketing Tools

    Distinguished international marketing leaders will address how to maximize new communication technologies (e.g. the Internet, Virtual office and teleconferencing) that are emerging in Israel and in the region as a whole. Special emphasis will be placed on the complexities and diversities of marketing strategies and how the technological genius of this area can be properly utilized to the benefit of the region’s and the world’s inhabitants.

  • Industrial Parks

    Plans are currently in place for the development of industrial parks at the Palestinian Autonomous Area, with the cooperation of Israel and the U.S. Representatives of world-class companies will share their experiences in these endeavors in order to make this dream a reality.

  • Egypt-Israel – Practical Aspects of Business Cooperations

The Amman Conference – Current Update

Sunday’s opening ceremonies of the Amman Conference, the second inter-regional conference on economic development, will be broadcast live to the attended of the Jerusalem Business Conference. On Monday, a senior representative will travel to Jerusalem from Amman to provide conference delegates with an updated summary of the day’s proceedings.