Anti-Zionism, Holocaust denial,and conspiracy theories are prevalent on many college campuses, parading as thinly veiled guises for Jew hatred. In this course, students will examine these expressions and analyze the messages and materials that are being propagated against the Jewish people. The instructors will present real case studies, analyses and resources. They will also provide a wide range of effective responses with which to combat anti-Semitic incidents on campus. This course is presented in conjunction with the Israel Government Office of the Minister of Diaspora Affairs  and Jerusalem.

Course Goals:
• To examine the origins of anti-Semitism today and its expression in the community and on campus.
• To help students identify anti-Semitic expression even when couched in anti-Zionism/anti-Israel sentiment or historical revisionism.
• To provide students with the tools necessary to analyze anti-Semitic incidents and the means to respond effectively.
• To offer strategies to deal with public and physical expressions of anti-Semitism on campus, such as vandalism, physical attacks, intimidation, graffiti, and racist flyers.

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 Jewish Agency eAcademy announces course on combating anti-Semitism

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