(Communicated by Israeli security sources)
In two separate IDF and ISA operations, three senior wanted Palestinians were arrested:

Massab Ahdel Ahmed Mahmud: 26, joint head of the PFLP in Nablus, was arrested on December 6, 2004, in Nablus.

Massab Ahdel was declared wanted on July 2003 after attempting to recruit a suicide bomber and in light of his connections to the PFLP infrastructure in Nablus. His main activity in the PFLP was to recruit activists and suicide bombers from the villages surrounding Nablus, and intensive activity in the A-Najah University in Nablus.

In planning terrorist attacks Ahdel: 

  • Recruited a potential suicide bomber, Ahmed Smarah, who was arrested on 2003, on his way to carry out a suicide attack. During his investigation, Smarah admitted that he was recruited by Matsab Ahdel in order to carry out a suicide attack.
  • Instructed and guided a cell of terrorists from Burka village that was meant to carry out a terrorist attack in Tel- Aviv on September 5, 2004, the target being a crowded shopping center or a bus station. The terrorist cell was thwarted on August 2004.
  • Lately, it emerged that Ahdel was aware of the planning of the terrorist attack at the Carmel Market in Tel Aviv on November 1, 2004, planned by the PFLP in Nablus. He also apparently assisted other PFLmembers in the PFLP in planning an another terrorist attack in Israel planned for "PFLP day", on December 11, 2004. 

Recently, Ahdel worked in coordination with senior PFLP operatives imprisoned in Nabus, who are known to be involved in planning terrorist activity and financing operatives in the field.

Ahdel was arrested along with his aides, students from the A-Najah University, known as PFLP supporters who tried to hide Matsab’s true identity. He was caught carrying false identification, documents, many cellular phones and posters and flags relating to the PFLP.

Ahmed Abu Diyab and Nimar Abu Al’uf, two Islamic Jihad operatives, were arrested in Tulkarm, on November 30, 2004.

Senior Islamic Jihad operative Ahmed Mahmud Mahamed Abu Diyab, 23, resident of the refugee camp in Tulkarm, was responsible for the planning and execution of terrorist attacks, and may have planned future attacks.       

Some of the terrorist activities Diyab partook in included the recruitment of suicide bombers and their dispatching to the various Islamic Jihad cells under his command, purchasing weapons and materials to be used in attacks, planning and carrying out shooting attacks on bypass roads. In addition he was in contact with many fellow operatives.

Diyab also planned to dispatch a suicide bomber to carry out a terrorist attack, and was in contact with operatives from other terrorist organizations and terrorist operatives outside of Tulkarm for this purpose.

Islamic Jihad operative Nimar Gassan Nimar Abu Al’uf, 19, a Tulkarm resident, is Diyab’s aide who assisted him with his terrorist activity, and was involved in the planning of the attacks.

Al’uf is suspected of having been dispatched by Diyab to carry out a suicide bombing, an attack that never materialized.

Furthermore, Al’uf worked in a coffee shop, turning it into a regular meeting point for the operatives and for those who coordinated the meetings, all of this taking place under the instruction of Abu Diyab.