The Knesset is in recess, but Speaker Yuli-Yoel Edelstein on Tuesday recruited the parliament`s employees to pack food for needy families ahead of the Passover holiday. Many Knesset employees donated a workday and arrived at an IDF base in central Israel to help the Migdal Ohr non-profit organization with its annual food drive, in which tens of thousands of food packages are distributed to needy families throughout the country so they may hold proper holiday meals.

The Knesset workers, headed by Speaker Edelstein and Director-General Ronen Plot, packed food items that were collected at Shufersal supermarkets and at Migdal Ohr`s collection stations. The food packages, which are delivered directly to the homes of needy families, are worth NIS 300 and include wine, rice, sugar, oil and more.

Speaker Edelstein said that in light of the State Comptroller`s report stating that Israel has not kept its promise to foster nutrition security for its people, ”it is particularly important to provide nutritional security to everyone.”

The practical effects of nutrition insecurity are the inability to consume regularly all the nutrition components needed for a person`s proper development and health. Nutrition insecurity also contributes to the perpetuation of poverty: children raised in families without nutrition security have a smaller chance of achieving success in school and breaking the cycle of poverty.

”We must do more to avoid a situation in which tens of thousands of people are knocking on the doors of non-profit organizations,” Edelstein said, adding that helping others ”is part of the Israeli nation`s and the Knesset workers` DNA.”

”Only when one helps the other is it possible to move from slavery to freedom and establish a healthy and independent society,” he added.

Director-General Plot, who has been promoting social initiatives since assuming his duties, said he was ”proud of the Knesset workers, who volunteer time and time again and contribute to society through active civil involvement.”

Rabbi Yitzhak Dovid Grossman, founder and president of Migdal Ohr, said the ”Well-fed Holiday for Children” drive is meant to educate children to help needy kids. The rabbi welcomed the assistance of Speaker Edelstein, Director-General Plot, MKs, Knesset employees and the Knesset Guard and said they ”serve as excellent role models for the children who packed the holiday food packages alongside them.”