MK Ibrahim Sarsour and MK Esawi Frij described the horrors of the Kfar Kassem massacre and the Knesset Plenum stood for a minute of silence to remember the massacre. MK Frij told the other MKs that he is the grandchild of one of the survivors of the massacre and despite the massacre he chose the path of life – one in which you have control of your fate. MK Frij requested recognition for the massacre`s historical importance.

Education Minister MK Shai Piron responded in the name of the government and referred to the words of MK Frij. He said that he stood for a minute of silence because he identified with the pain felt by all humans. He requested to not make the issue of Kfar Kassem a matter of politics. Instead he wants it to be a matter of principles and morals. He said that schools are a place to consider questions of morals and that the education system should not be politicized.

The MKs rejected the motion to discuss the matter of the Kfar Kassem Massacre in the Education Committee (7 for and 7 against). The Arab MKs were angry about the decision and the Speaker of the Education Committee, MK Amram Mitzna, informed of his intention to have a debate on the topic anyways.