Speaker of the House Reuven Rivlin was present at former MK Rabbi Hannan Porat`s funeral in Kfar Etzion.

Rivlin said in his eulogy that Porat was a Rabbi and a teacher, a visionary and a fulfiller, a poet and a warrior. ”Few are the people of vision and action, even fewer are the intellectuals and poets that give from themselves to the political process and the public service. Hanan, how did you know what to do and how to be also a public servant who spoke poetry and at the same time be a parliamentarian whose soul dreams and whose spirit is eternal? A guide for his masses of students, pure, who was also among his people and also elevated above them.”

Rivlin added, ”You followed what you loved wherever it took you, if there was a place with no loving people – you were it. In your soul was a great love, a conquering love for the People of Israel its great land and the Bible. You sought your brothers, always, in all of your actions.”

”We will never know what pain was greater for you, the physical pain inside of you or the spiritual and heartfelt pain you suffered of a nation taking the wrong path, of a land drifting away from its vision, of the separation and conflict amongst us and of the faith that faded and does not burn as strong as it did in you. The privilege of that love which beat inside you was the cause of your poetic voice, in any situation, at any time.”

”Your voice Hanan, has grown silent, but the voice of your poetry will accompany us with your tenacious love for this nation, its people and this land for many years to come. I have come to say goodbye in the name of the Knesset and in the name of the people of Israel. You will be greatly missed”.