Knesset Speaker Yuli-Yoel Edelstein will attend the Inter-Parliamentary Union`s Fourth World Conference of Speakers of Parliament, which will be held at the UN between August 31 and September 2. Some 180 parliamentary leaders, including more than 35 Deputy Speakers, from nearly 140 countries will take part in the conference, which will focus on examining ways to effectively tackle global challenges to peace and democracy.

”The world`s leaders must internalize the fact that the international legitimacy Iran receives will strengthen its terror machine, and it will not be only Israel that suffers from this, but the entire world,” Edelstein said before leaving Wednesday evening for the conference in New York, during which he will hold meetings with several parliament heads, including those from Canada, Germany, China and Italy. He will also meet with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and members of Congress, and will participate in the main event of the heads of the Jewish organizations in North America. During the visit, Speaker Edelstein will give interviews to various news outlets.

During his address to the conference, Edelstein will present his flagship ”Green Knesset” project and will call on his counterparts to cooperate with Israel on issues related to the environment, as well as on regional projects related to sustainable agriculture, water food protection and more.

”The event at the UN offers an opportunity for Israel and the Knesset to expose the country`s technological and environmental advancement, as well as our willingness to utilize this advancement for extensive cooperation with many countries in the framework of what we call the `positive agenda`,” Edelstein stated.

The Knesset Speaker further said that the visit constitutes an important platform for explaining the dangers that the nuclear deal with Iran poses to Israel and the world. Edelstein said that during his meetings with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and parliament heads he plans to ”express Israel`s unequivocal opposition to the fact that Iran is receiving international legitimacy for its nuclear program despite having systematically violated the international community`s resolutions.”