Knesset Speaker Yuli (Yoel) Edelstein, turned to the Muslim Knesset members at the plenum, to the Muslim workers of the Knesset and to all Muslim Israeli citizens: ”Today before sunrise hundreds of millions of Muslims around the world started the fast of the Ramadan month, amongst them of course, the Muslim citizens of the country of Israel.

The Ramadan month is a time of self-evaluation and examination, in the form of modesty, restraint, good deeds and charity. The Muslim tradition teaches us that Ramadan begins with mercy, goes on through forgiveness and ends up with liberty.

”In these days of a social, public and political storm, I hope we can find within us the ability to have mercy, to forgive and to give ourselves and the people around us the liberty we all deserve.

”In the name of myself and of the Knesset of Israel, let me wish you an easy and meaningful fast. I will be honored, like the tradition of the previous speakers, to share with my colleagues, the Muslim Knesset members, the traditional Iftar meal, as we already planned.

`Ramadan Karim, kul am va`antum bahir.`”