Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin met with U.S. Ambassador Dan Shapiro to discuss several issues. In connection with the violent events in South Tel Aviv, Rivlin said at the meeting that ”The State of Israel is undoubtedly in the middle of a serious problem in everything on the subject of infiltrators and asylum seekers; it is up to the government to issue a stance and find a solution. Our responsibility as a society to protect our national and social needs is currently in conflict with Jewish moral feeling, which orders us to defend and assist the helpless.”

Rivlin condemned the harsh statements made in a demonstration against the infiltrators. ”It is permissible to protest and demonstrate, and we must demand that the government consolidate a solution. But being drawn into incitement is forbidden, and it is forbidden to use the same language anti-Semites use against us. We are a nation which suffered much from incitement and harassment, and are committed to show extra sensitivity and morality. The central problem is not the infiltrators and refugees, but the State of Israel`s lack of clear policy.”

The Knesset Speaker added, ”My active and energetic friend [Knesset Member] Miri Regev would be doing a great good if she demanded that the government come up with solutions and policies for the difficult reality which was created. The anger of residents and storeowners in south Tel Aviv is understandable, but when there is an angry mob, leaders must find solutions and restrain the mob, not inflame it.”