Today (Monday), at the opening of the weekly meeting, Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin informed the members of the Presidium that he intends to promote an extension of the Knesset session until the beginning of August and beyond, in order to ensure the passing of an alternative to the Tal Law.

He said: “This is a topic that requires a decision, and the Knesset cannot interrupt its deliberations on formulating a solution, only because of the date of the recess. Should the government submit a bill to the Knesset during the next week, which is the last week of the session, I will ask the House Committee to approve the extension of the session in order to complete the discussions on this matter.” Rivlin added: “Should my request be denied by the House Committee, I intend to continue with the final meeting of the Knesset into the recess, until the discussions will be concluded and the bill approved. This topic has public importance which the Knesset cannot ignore.”