Albanian Parliament Speaker Ilir Meta arrived at the Knesset Wednesday morning for a meeting with his Israeli counterpart Yuli-Yoel Edelstein. Meta was greeted at the Israeli parliament by Speaker Edelstein and the Knesset Guard and later signed the Knesset guestbook in Chagall Hall.

Speaker Edelstein told his Albanian counterpart: ”Albania, which is a Muslim country, proves that things can be done differently…The relations between Israel and Albanian continue to deepen and tighten, and I hope that during your visit here today we will be able to contribute to boosting the relations – also between our two legislatures.”

”It is not every day that Israel is visited by a representative of a country which not only saved all of its Jews during the Holocaust, but had more Jews after the Holocaust than before [the Holocaust],” Edelstein said. ”It is not every day that Israel is visited by the head of the parliament of a Muslim country with such unique character.”

”Albania`s approach to followers of different religions and people of different nationalities is moderate,” the Knesset speaker added.

Speaker Meta opened by expressing his condolences to the people of Israel over the death of the three kidnapped teenagers and said he hoped the ”vile murderers” would be brought to justice.

Meta mentioned that he is being accompanied by the head of the opposition and other members of Albania`s parliament. ”We came here to do

all we can in order to develop the relations between our countries,” he said. ”Israel is an advanced country, and there is great potential for commercial relations between us, for investments, in which your expertise in advanced technologies will be expressed.”

”I wrote in the Knesset guestbook that I am proud to come to the Knesset as an official representative of Albania. Not only did Albania not turn Jews in during the Holocaust, it saved as many [Jews] as it could,” Meta noted.

MK Hamad Amar (Likud-Yisrael Beitenu), who chairs the Israel-Albania Parliamentary Friendship Group, also took part in the meeting.