Knesset Speaker Reuven (Rubi) Rivlin sent a letter of congratulations to his Egyptian counterpart, member of the Muslim Brotherhood party Dr. Mohamed Saad el Katatni, upon his induction as Speaker of Parliament. In the letter, Rivlin wrote: ”In the name of the Knesset, the Israeli Parliament, I have the privilege and honor to congratulate you on your election to the post of Speaker of Parliament, representing the sovereignty and power of the Egyptian nation.”

Rivlin stressed that ”we are both sons of ancient nations, proud of our spiritual and cultural heritages. At this time, as the Egyptian nation is working courageously for a new and better future, I express the hope of Israelis that we will walk together on the path that leads to a basis of peace and neighborliness.” Rivlin signed the letter with a promise of full cooperation with his Egyptian counterpart.

Rivlin expressed hope that the entering Speaker of the Egyptian Parliament will agree in principle to visit Israel and the Knesset, as did his predecessor, Dr. Fathi Serour. Several years ago on his visit to Egypt, Rivlin invited Serour to visit Israel, and his invitation was answered in the affirmative.