Members of the Knesset Labor, Welfare and Health Committee held a special meeting on Wednesday at Magen David Adom`s (MDA) Ashdod chapter. During the meeting, representatives of Israel`s national emergency medical, disaster, ambulance and blood bank service briefed the MKs on its activity in the south during ”Operation Protective Edge”.”

Committee Chairman Haim Katz (Likud) thanked MDA`s ”devoted volunteers” and said the committee would do everything in its power so that the organization will be compensated for its ”special activity” during the military campaign. Katz further said that so far the Iron Dome system has intercepted 560 missiles, meaning that some 450 direct hits on homes have been prevented.

Gil Moskowitz, MDA`s head of operations, said three Israelis have been killed and some 600 more have been injured during the latest round of fighting between Israel and Hamas.

In light of the security situation, the Constitution, Law and Justice Committee on Wednesday approved an ordinance allowing law students who are in their final semester to begin their internship on September 1, 2014, even if they have not taken all of the exams required to be eligible for beginning an internship. The ordinance gives the students until November 30, 2014 to take all of the required exams.

On Wednesday the Education, Culture, and Sports Committee met to discuss assistance for the thousands of IDF reservists called to leave their university studies and serve in the army. During the meeting, Michal Neumann of the Council for Higher Education said, ”We will not allow a situation, and that is our pledge, whereby a student who was called up, or his/her spouse, will not finish the academic year because of the war.”

The discussion was held at the request of the National Union of Israeli Students and students from Hakikar Hamerkazit (“Central Square”), an NGO dedicated to connecting citizens and the Knesset.

Also this week, the director General of the Israel Tax Authority, Moshe Asher, told the Knesset Finance Committee that business owners in the south will be compensated also for indirect damage incurred during the latest round of fighting between Israel and Hamas. Committee Chairman Nissan Slomiansky (HaBayit HaYehudi) lauded the decision, saying ”the resilience of the home front is what gives the IDF such enormous power. That is why it is so important to strengthen the home front. The home front has been hit hard economically. We have to give it a hand. I congratulate the government for being willing to pay advances already, instead of waiting until the end of the operation.”

On Wednesday State Control Committee Chairman Amnon Cohen (Shas) visited IDF soldiers who were injured during ”Operation Protective Edge.” During the visit to Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem, MK Cohen said ”the displays of generosity, mutual responsibility, dedication and sacrifice in Israeli society during the three weeks of fighting are touching and prove we have a nation made of iron. The fighters, with their determination to defeat the enemy, and with their comradeship and bravery, show us that we have fighters of steel.”