Fattahian wrote from prison: As my thoughts were developing, I came to see and feel the injustice and discrimination. I became a Komeleh guerilla in order to find my stolen identity.

 Kurdish political prisoner Ehsan Fattahian executed


Kurdish political activist Ehsan Fattahian

Kurdish political prisoner Ehsan (Esmail) Fattahian (28) was executed on Wednesday November 11 in Sanandaj. Ehsan Fattahian was detained some time between April and August 2008. Reports suggest that he may have been tortured in detention. Branch 1 of the Revolutionary Court in Sanandaj sentenced him to 10 years’ imprisonment to be served in exile, after a trial in which he was denied access to a lawyer.

Both Ehsan Fattahian and the prosecutor appealed against this verdict and, in January 2009, Branch 4 of the Kordestan Appeal Court overturned the initial verdict. Instead, he was sentenced to death for moharebeh – “enmity against God” – in connection with his membership in an illegal armed opposition group, believed to be the Kurdistan Independent Life Party (PJAK). This new sentence is believed to have been upheld by the Supreme Court (Amnesty International document).

Translation of Ehsan Fattahian’s letter from his prison cell

The Iranian authorities buried the body of Ehsan Fattahian in the neighboring city of Kermanshah in order to avoid further protests and confrontations. His family was not informed about the chosen location. See also “What Happened to Ehsan Fattahian?” (Frontline – Tehran Bureau)