(Communicated by Israeli security sources)

During an IDF arrest operation overnight in Nablus, Tanzim terrorist Amin Mahmoud Amin Lubadeh and Islamic Jihad terrorist Fahdel Muhammad Mahmoud Nur were killed in exchanges of fire with IDF forces during an attempt to arrest them.

Wanted Tanzim terrorist Amin Lubadeh was the leading manufacturer of bombs and explosive belts in the Samaria region and was involved in numerous attacks and attempted attacks against Israelis inside Israel and in the Nablus area. Lubadeh’s activity was funded by Iran through Hezbollah and by terror operatives in the Gaza Strip.
►       In June 2006, Lubadeh was involved in sending out a suicide bomber for an attack in Tel Aviv. The bomber was arrested on the eve of the intended attack.

►       In the same month, an arrested terrorist told investigators that Lubadeh had instructed him to abduct Israelis in the area of the Tapuah junction in order to negotiate the release of Palestinian prisoners.

►       In August 2006, a suicide bomber captured en route to a bombing in the Israeli community if Alon Moreh named Lubadeh as one of his dispatchers.

►       Also in August 2006, an arrested terror operative told Israeli investigators that Lubadeh was in possession of an explosive belt, bombs and large amounts of chemicals used in bomb construction.

►       In September 2006, an arrested terror operative told Israeli investigators that Lubadeh and others had instructed him to recruit a suicide bomber for an attack. He also stated that Lubadeh possessed an explosives laboratory in the old city of Nablus.

►       In November 2006, an arrested operative told investigators that he had on several occasions received bombs from Lubadeh in order to carry out attacks against IDF forces in the region, and assisted Lubadeh in constructing bombs in his lab.

►       In January 2007, two terrorists arrested with explosive belts by Israeli security forces told investigators that they had received the belts from Lubadeh in order to carry out suicide bombings.

The Tanzim terror infrastructure in the old city of Nablus has in the past few years been responsible for a number of murderous attacks. Recently, Lubadeh has continued to be involved in plans for bombings against civilians and for attacks against Israeli forces operating against terrorists in the Nablus area.

Fahdel Nur, a wanted Islamic Jihad terrorist, was the assistant to Islamic Jihad commander Hani Awijan. Nur was considered to be Awijan’s successor following his death in July 2006. He was involved in planning suicide bombings and recruiting bombers for attacks inside Israel. In the past few months Nur was closely involved with Amin Lubadeh in bomb construction efforts and other attack plans.