Ministry of Health Publicizes the “Leading Causes of Death 2000-2010” Report, which Details Mortality Rates By Causes Of Death

The Ministry of Health presents mortality rates by cause of death, age, gender and year during the last decade in Israel, compared internationally with the age-corrected rate. The publication was undertaken by the Information Department of the Ministry of Health. Data regarding deaths originate from Death Notifications registered as legally required at the Ministry of the Interior. Encoding of the causes of death was performed at the Central Bureau of Statistics, in accordance with Death Notification as filled in by the physician who made the declaration of death, and updated from additional sources of information.   Trends In the last decade, there was a trend of declining death rates, for most causes of death. The crude rate declined by a quarter or more in the average of years 2008-2010 as compared to the years 1999-2001, for cerebrovascular disease (-33% for men, -27% for women), heart disease (-31% for men, -27% for women), chronic lower respiratory tract disease (-24% for men, -28% for women) and accidents (-28% for men, -11% for women). The mortality rate from diabetes went down by one sixth (-15% for men, -17% for women). In the years 2008-2010, there was an increase of almost one third as compared to the years 1999-2001 in the death rate from pneumonia and influenza (+19% for men, +33% for women), pneumonia resulting from inspiration of fluids or solids (+34% in men, +38% in women) and septicemia (+32% in men and women); and an increase of over 40% in deaths from Alzheimer’s disease (+41% in men, +59% in women). The death rate from kidney disease increased until 2006. The rate has been lower and stable in the last few years.