During a meeting of the Knesset Finance Committee on Monday, Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon (Kulanu) said, ”the budget we have prepared for 2015-2016 is the most social ever. The entire social `branch` of the Knesset, including members of both the coalition and opposition, can identify with this budget.”

The budget, Kahlon noted, includes ”a significant increase in civil expenses.” He said ”we are aware that growth has slowed, but this stems, to a large extent, from the general slowdown in the world.”

”We are a small market and are very much affected from what goes on around the world,” Kahlon told the committee. ”However, we are advancing a series of reforms to encourage growth.”

With regards to Housing, the minister said, ”we are operating on a number of levels; we are [making things more difficult] for investors and giving preference to young couples; we are putting on end to the phenomenon of profiteering from state-owned lands; the `Cornflakes Reform` will reduce food prices by dozens of percentage points and will lead to a reduction in the cost of living. We will examine the results in 2016.”