In a contentious debate on a vote of no confidence submitted by the opposition parties, Minister Naftali Bennett (HaBayit HaYehudi) responded to the submission of United Torah Judaism and Meretz.

MK Michal Rozin presented the no-confidence vote: ”The governance law basically says that there are groups in the Knesset who we don’t want to be here. Against a government that is so belligerent, we need a strong court system. The Referendum Law is not democratic and hurts democracy. We are close to crossing the Rubicon.

Minister Naftali Bennett responded in the name of the government. He turned to Opposition Head Shelly Yachimovich (Labor) and said ”The opposition needs to remember that governments do not create jobs, rather it is companies who create jobs.” Minister Bennett told a story about when he was the general director of a hi-tech company, which found itself in a crisis ”this was a dark day and I was forced to fire people. We went from 70 to 30 workers and today that company employs 300 workers. If we had accepted your planned economic system making it impossible to fire workers, the company would have closed. The populism of the opposition attempts to tie the hands of companies` decision making abilities. The more you try to fight it the worse it will get. Slogans don`t matter, only facts. A company from Texas needs to decide where to establish their company. The company is not Zionist and will not come to Israel for those reasons. Rather it will go to the most comfortable place and where there are tax benefits. If it doesn`t come here, there will not be another thousand workers hired during the next cycle. According to your methods, companies from outside of Israel will not come. You have become an economic terrorist attack on Israel. You are chasing away companies. I`m killing myself to bring investors here. They see that there is a flock of fools here wanting to jump on anyone who tries to initiate something. If you continue to chase away companies due to populism, there will be a wave of unemployment the likes of which we have never experienced. Believe in innovators. If you chase them away we will have an economy here like the one we have in Cuba.”

Minister Bennett then turned to MK Zehava Gal-On (Meretz) and cried ”You`re mindset is ancient…stop trying to prevent the creation of jobs. You don`t try to protect a factory with all your strength if it`s not profitable. You don`t use common sense. Stop scaring investors. There is a failed mindset according to which the Minister of Industry or Economics comes in and starts giving checks to failed factories. Alternatively, there is a new mindset, according to which we don’t try to protect a factory with all of our strength, even if that is not popular. We don`t throw money at a failed factory, rather we invest money in workers in order that they can work at the factory…but you don`t let common sense reign.” Minister Bennett added sarcastically, ”I have a perfect solution, let`s have all of the workers work in the public sector, that way we won`t need a private sector, which is the enemy… The spirit of humanity is innovation, the belief in creating a vision and then raising funds and even the freedom to fail, only this freedom will create jobs.”

MK Eitan Cabel (Labor) interrupted: ”remember that in the merit of those workers, you have the company, it`s not black and white.”