Jerusalem, 29 October 1997


(Communicated by Cabinet Secretariat)

The Ministerial Committee on National Security met today (Wednesday), 29.10.97, for a lengthy discussion on the negotiations with the Palestinians.

Foreign Minister David Levy and the heads of the Interim Agreement committees on the Dahaniye airport, safe passage, the sea port and industrial parks, presented the committee with a detailed picture of the situation.

The committee decided to advance the Interim Agreement committees’ negotiations; therefore, appropriate instructions were given to the committees’ heads.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the ministers also discussed issues regarding the continuation of the negotiations with the Palestinians.

It was agreed that Israel would continue the effort to reach the negotiations on the permanent settlement, and would discuss the necessary conditions for doing so. In keeping with this principle, Israel will discuss those issues which the sides had agreed to deal with at the meeting held several weeks ago between Foreign Minister Levy, U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, and Abu Mazen.

Israel expects that the other participants in Foreign Minister Levy’s expected meeting in Washington will, for their part, make every effort to advance the process between Israel and the Palestinians.